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The ANZ as the banker is providing a broader range of banking services and financial solution products to above 8 million customers. The ANZ bank is founded in 1835 and they earned 4.51 billion dollar revenue in 2010. According to the ongoing success path, they came with the Melbourne office in the year of 1838. This is the place where ANZ's world headquarters is located at present, address 833 Collins Street, Melbourne.

ANZ Bank logo
ANZ bank logo

ANZ = Australia (A) + New Zealand (NZ). The unleashed provision of the banking solution along with the financial needs is being employed to the civil society with the 46,917 people worldwide. Commitment has been always delivering to the customers and hunters of the services to build the lasting partnerships with them as customers, shareholders and communities round over in 32 countries in Australia, New Zealand, in the Middle East series, Europe, too right through Asia and the Pacific and America.

ANZ internet banking logon page
ANZ internet banking log on page screenshot.

ANZ Internet Banking Logon

1. Open official logon page: New Zealand customers open this page:

2. Enter 'Customer Registration Number' and Password

3. Then press blue coloured 'Log on' button

4. To recover password, go on 'I forgot my password'. For any other problem leave comment.

ANZ has just born with the whole communal efforts and so it’s been a public listed company. The incorporation came to the market place with the services on the date of 14 July 1977 in Australia. The main investment and functioning company for the group of the ANZ has been organised by the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited. The registered office is situated at - ANZ Centre at Docklands, Victoria, Australia. In the Australian commission baking sector, the same bank have been labelled and admired with one of the five largest and most unbeaten scheduled companies in Australia, and this rank is at the number one bank in New Zealand.

Overall assets under management with the organisation are consisting of AU$531.74 billion (as the data updated on 30 September 2010). The widest reliance is made with the community as by their having the partnership in the company as being the broader number of 411,692 shareholders. Furthermore this calculation and digits almost excludes the employee whose ANZ company shares are under the management with the ANZ Employee share schemes.

In the growing economy of the India, the company has also boomed their value and mark of services by employing a technology and back office operation in Bangalore, India since 1989. In India, the never lasting superiority of the ANZ is being evaluated to the customers by manpower as around 3,500 employees. The lavish facilities available in this nation at Bangalore reflect India’s highly educated human power available with a depth of proficiency in technical skills and manoeuvres. In the further contribution, ANZ announced the reality at its best that it had reached the contract with the Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc. (RBS) on 4 August 2009. This provision made to the news that the company would acquire some of the selected RBS businesses in Asia which would be transporting on its strategy to be a leading super regional bank by 2012. This over all historical gaining includes the RBS retail sector, also along with wealth and commercial businesses in Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong.

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