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Airtel opened a new website Ebpp.airtelworld.com, after hearing a lot of trouble of many people related to account login. Now you do not need to go on Airtel.in, because paying bill of Airtel broadband internet, mobile, landline, and digital TV is simple. Telecommunications has always been the golden field since ancient times. They are imparting their services to the various sectors of society with all its possible resources. Thus they had become the integral part of the human life and they had made their name in the field of modern technology and advancement era.

Airtel Logo
Airtel logo

Airtel Login Page Help

1. Open official website https://ebpp.airtelworld.com/ (make sure that you entered URL address with secure communication protocol https://)
2. Enter User Name and Password under 'Login to your account' section (right side of page)
3. If you lost password, select 'Forgot password?' tab
4. And new user create account by go on 'Register now' page
5. For any instant help dial toll-free number *121#, or leave comment below.

Airtel Online Bill Payment
Airtel online bill payment website login page screenshot

A little history of Airtel

Airtel is the most profound and most renowned name in the field of telecommunications. The father of this company was an Indian person named Sunil Bharti Mittal who laid the roots of the company in 1983. They are operating whole company under the banner of Bharti Airtel Limited. They are being spread all across the globe as well as about 19 different countries and they are occupying 5th position in this best service providers list.

They are also entangled in the overseas business and thereby they have branches in South Asia, and most of the part of Africa. They are providing various services in cellular panel which include GSM as the biggest network, and also they are engaged in Internet provider plans with high speed access capacities on the platform of 2G, 3G and now 4G. They have marketed the biggest growth of customers in its under-hood and they are about 207.8 million in number. They are heading their name in the field of networking by acquiring the gold certification from Cisco. Many norms and standards are being taken care of by this company in the field of broadband and wire line networking. The most olden form of service providing through DSL was also established by this company in 96 cities of India during the starting stage of establishment.

Online partners and the back end supporters are maintaining the sell and the handling department of cellular phones and its services. They are connected to Ericsson, Nokia Siemens Network and Huawei. The business partners in the field of networking devices and infrastructure establishment they had mutual tie ups with Alcatel and Lucent Technologies who are the leading device makers and service providers of any networking companies. The biggest achievement of the company is in the long haul communication services which were laid across Chennai and Singapore. The three main global entities which were responsible to make the name of this company on the global map was CBU abbreviated as Customer Business Units and B2C which is abbreviated as Business to Customers and finally the ever expanding policy on which the entire business of the company was based and it was B2B which is acronym of Business to Business dealings.

In India Airtel company has made its mark onto the different services provided by them, they are:
In Mobiles- The most valued and the most branded mobiles are being serviced by this department. They have occupied 6th position in this field. The launch of BlackBerry and Apple iPhone 3G were possible after the tie ups with Vodafone and Aircel.
The 3G jet- In the auction of the spectrum company had grabbed 13 areas under its territory. After acquiring these areas they started providing the high speed Internet technologies to its users and they had deployed the largest and the advanced Internet technology named HSPA meaning High Speed Packet Access.
Broadband- the Company provides IPTV and other broadband services to the users with drastic plans with newer up gradations.
D2H panel - This is the brand new concept of Digital Television developed by the company which had acquired 32 million and more subscribers from all over India.

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  1. I've received an email thanking me for my payment of $243. Payment title was "Self Care Payment". ebpp@payment etcnpt.com.

    I have no a idea what this is. Do You?



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