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AT&T Inc. is the leading provider of telecommunications service such as fixed line telephone, mobile, broadband, internet access and digital TV network. AT&T is a 29-year-old US based company located in Texas and was founded on 5 October 1983. AT&T is supposed to have nation’s fastest mobile broadband network that is supposed to serve 100.7 million wireless subscribers and also has the largest international coverage. The popular pages on site are wireless accessories, iPhone 4S, shop, high speed internet, and AT&T store locator.

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AT&T is jumping up for expansion in field of entertainment and communication industry. They have started giving television services such as AT&T U-Verse TV which is an IP based service and AT&T DIRECTV. AT&T is working for delivering a true service in “three screen” that is mobile device, PC and TV on which people are rely the most. AT&T is considered to be the highest revenue holding company in the field of communication. The networks provided by company carries an average of 23.7 bytes of traffic on business day with 99.999 % consistency. Networks of AT&T also provides feature of Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) which could be used on a single IP address with no compensation in services. MPLS based services is available to 182 countries with 3,800 service nodes.

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It has 38 Internet data centers across the globe with 886,000 miles of fiber line. It has made its broadband network fastest with the use of 4G service. It offers voice coverage in more than 220 countries, data roaming facility in more than 200 countries and mobile broadband service in 130 countries. AT&T has more than 24,000 Wi-Fi hot spots in 50 states and 135,000 hot spots around the globe. In US it has given services by providing 43.6 access lines and 19.3 million wired broadband connections. It also provides service of Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Voice over IP (VoIP) with intense security.

AT&T provides business for different scale of employees with different packages. If you are a company with less than 100 employees you can choose for Small Business Plan where you get good wireless offers, a wide range of calling plans and also internet solutions. You also get the service of long distance voice calling. If your company has more than 100 employees than for you it has a Enterprise plan which includes services like cloud computing, IP VPN, mobile applications, threat management, VoIP services, collaboration services and also it provides the solution related to education, global and healthcare. If you are wholesaler you could get the solutions related to Business continuity, Data Networking, Directory and operator, IP Networking, mobile and voice networking solutions. It also gives you feature of mobility, networking and managing risk. If you are from the government agency you could get the news of events, AT&T scorecard. Also you get the solutions for civilian agencies, defense agencies, federal mobility, state and local government.

If you are a registered user on AT&T site you are allowed to shop for any devices or services with the special offers, service of viewing and paying the bill is also available and also you can check the order status. If any problem found in the services you can troubleshoot services and resolve them. If you are not a registered user you can create the account with the services you want to. To have a shopping from AT&T shop nearby AT&T provides the shop locator which would help you locate the shops near your region. It also gives the service of Wi-Fi hot spot locator, prepaid phone cards, phone books and directories. AT&T ConnecTech helps you with protection plans, computer set-up, home network installation, PC health check and many more things. It has always kept the customer on prior basis, so for that it is also providing services like AT&T answer center and support center.

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  1. I always have a hard time trying to log into my ATT account. It seems that nearly all sites listed on the web are intended to try to sell me something or set up an account. Is there a simple way just to log in, & not spend up to half an hour each time? Why do I have to select a profile even to send this message?



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