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There are many people who are not finding the suitable platforms through which they can have their money transfer in the safest way. There are many companies which are forming the role of intermediates for transferring the money. But the market trends and strategies suggests that they are not able to provide the secured tunnel for the monetary transactions. So there arises a need among the transfer communities for a company that understands the ideals of every individual and provides the best end-to-end services to its users.

Payza homepage
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Your AlertPay, which was acquired by MH Pillars Ltd., is now known as was originally founded by two brothers named Firoz and Ferhan Patel in Montreal located in Canada. It has registered the record of around 5 million users all across 190 countries. This platform has provided the best online transaction services to its customers. There are around 8000 people who are daily becoming the part of this company. More than over 1000 of expertise are engaged in this noble cause and thereby they are taking the initiative to upgrade the company policies.

Payza Login

1. Open official page:

2. Enter Email address and Password

3. Then press Login button. Select 'Forgot your password?' link, if you lost password

4. For any other login related problems, leave comment or contact Payza customer support. Create new account on

Payza Login
Payza login page screenshot

So the milestones are laid everyday and because of this the success story of this company is ever lasting. The security features are also very intact and so the customers can rely on the deals and the confidential exchanges of cash. Highest levels of SSL and many advanced techniques are used in providing the security to the customer needs and money. Not only in outside countries has this company also provided the better payment opportunities to the Indian people also.

There are three types of account features provided by this company based on different categories of users. They are Personal Starter, Personal Pro and Business account. The most convincing account for chancy businesses is secured account as it mainly deals with great amount of money transactions with high level of security. The simplest account with fewer advantages is personal account which is provided at the time of signing up with Payza. On recommending more people in this join up the company provides the bonus facilities to the main user in his/her account.

Money transfer Payza basically works on three tier architecture. One is the sender that dispatches the amount, second is the receiver that collects the amount which is meant for him/her, and the third most important part of this dealing is the central processing entity and i.e. Payza. The mode of money transfer can be on the basis of credit cards of all the relevant groups, PayPal accounts or any bank account. Only the required documents are the bank details proof and account details through which the user is registered to this company. Apart from money transfer this company also deals with the buying and selling of online products and growth of online businesses.

So this company creates the market opportunities for the traders can get the platform through the medium of advanced and digitized technology where they can buy and sell their goods at the desired rates thereby gaining the profit margin and also contributing in the company’s growth and development. Customer’s supports, fees, sign up, and secure online transactions are most visited pages on site.

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