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WAYN is a travel and lifestyle related top social networking website with new watchword ‘Where Are You Now?’ This social network is the fastest growing site in terms of lifestyle and travel. Company was founded by Pete Ward and Jerome Touze in 2002. These two fellows decided to build up the site on their way to home after having the world tour. After three months of the starting of their work they were joined by Mike who is considered to be the man with the plan.

WAYN homepage
WAYN homepage screenshot
WAYN.COM was able to get the members from around 80 countries within one year of development. In 2005 it had around 45000 members around the world and it increase to 4.1 million within one year. These data can be considered to be very less when compared with the today’s figure. Today it has been able to spread its wings around 193 countries making 15 million members. Company’s headquarter is currently situated in London, UK where eleven team is there to manage the complete community and thirty five people from Poland tries to make the services run smoothly and also tries to solve the problems of the members in no time.

WAYN Login

1. Open official site: Wayn.com, and on the right side you can see Log in section

2. Enter Username/ Email address and Password

3. Press Login button. You can use your Windows live ID, Facebook, and twitter profile by selecting ‘Other logins’ option.

4. For any other login related helps, leave comment or contact WAYN team.

WAYN login
WAYN login page screenshot

Members of the community around the world gather to share their experiences about the places they have visited and what they did at the places and what would they like to do. Website allows its members to explore the various destinations and perform many activities. One can also fulfill their dreams with the help of friends. To connect with the friends one needs to create an account on the website by just filling the personal details which are of course mandatory. WAYS is only for the people over 18 and it is popular among the age group of 18 to 25.

After creating the account it helps to find the friends from the contact list of provided email and after that it also allows to set the profile photo. Then one can also set the area of the interest by just selecting the travel interest and life style interest. One can select the life style interest based on Movies and cinema, travelling, adventure, music events, restaurants, shopping and fashion.

One can also select lifestyle interest from the categories of Sports, Hobbies, Travel and experience. After validating one’s account one can find the friends from all over the world. User can find for the friends, can invite friends and also can search for friends of friends. It allows meeting the people around the world. User can also create its own photo album on the basis of privacy and security. User can see the comments on the photo and also can make the comments on other photo. It also allows creating the blog. This social networking website allows sending and receiving the emails, ecards, gifts and SMS. User is allowed to edit its profile. One can also earn the credits by upgrading the status. For the gold one has to earn 1000 credits, for achieving silver one has to earn 500 credits and for bronze one has to earn 100 credits. Any company by paying the charges can advertise on the WAYN’s website by just providing the details. Google plus, Facebook, and twitter are social networking sites while WAYN is different types of site in travel and lifestyle categories.

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