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Bebo is the leading name in the field of social networking and the modern generation. It is featured with newer and latest applications such as games, video, and dating which attract the users from all across the globe. They were established in 2005 and the headquarters are being centered at San Francisco. They are having very similar content and facilities as that of other social networking sites like FaceBook. The pioneer founders of the site were Michael Birch, and Xochi Birch. They had imparted the latest and the advanced version of social networking solutions.

Bebo homepage
Bebo homepage is made available in many different languages which gather the crowd from all across the globe and thereby they had made their name in the global community in the countries like US, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Poland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, India and the Netherlands. After the establishment they had grabbed the huge amount of profit from the clients which were registered on the site. They had procured the assets of about 500 US million dollars which is the second largest fund raised after Facebook.

Bebo Login

1. Open official page:

2. Enter Username/Email and Password

3. Press blue coloured Sign in button

4. You can also use your FB and AOL/AIM account to sign in. Go on ‘Forgot Bebo Password?’, if you lost password.

5. For any login related helps, leave your comment of contact/email Bebo team.

Bebo login
Bebo login page screenshot

The site is furnished with the newer and the latest technologies which are being derived from the advanced applications and the Internet basket. They had divided their areas of interest in different fields like music albums, photo uploading and sharing and also video distribution onto the local platform or in the group or the user’s community. The features which are being imparted by the site to their users are as follows.

The multiple chatting features where the number of online users can be in the conversion. Moreover video chatting is also possible by installing the third party software. The user can create their own community and can invite the people to join them and thereby creating the podium for the people from different ends to get to know about each other. The newer version browsers are also featured to provide the additional application photo uploading and downloading along with sharing privileges. The franchise community for the videos is being linked with YouTube and other video uploading sites. Moreover inbuilt designed templates are made available to the users at free cost so that they can enhance their personalization which includes the appearance from front end and skin backgrounds.

The servers and the experts who are the part of this site are well versed and well equipped with the skills and abilities that provide the online 24*7 support to their clients. They are also providing the access of this site from the platform of mobile applications and Android technology. They can be downloaded from the App Stores can be installed with the newer applications like iPhones, iPads and iTouch. The most remarkable feature of this site is that if the user had made any kind of status update on any other social networking site like FaceBook, Twitter can be viewed from the panel of this site. Thus easy integration is the best part which adds the extravaganza to this site. The regular features are embedded in this site which includes "Likes, Comments, Ratings, and Extra Applications".

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