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Prepaid mobile, postpaid mobile, internet service and solution provider Tata Indicom is a part of Tata Teleservices. The headquarters of the company are centered in Mumbai and they are imparting the telecomm services under the banner named TATA Indicom. They had acquired the largest assets in terms of the customers and the services they are providing. The records that are being registered in history suggest that the company has brought 26% of market of Internet services and prepaid, postpaid services in terms of telephony.

Tata Indicom Homepage
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Moreover the mobile markets are also captured by TATA as they largest handset providers of CDMA. There are four main sectors of the company with whose support they had reached to the highest position in the field of telecommunications. They are broadband, Indicom, DOCOMO, and Virgin mobiles. Official website is Tataindicom.com. Till the date in 2009 it was noted that the company had covered 35 million registered customers. They have about 90 companies in their acquisition and the huge team of 395,000 expertise employees that are working behind this platform.

Tata Indicom Login

1. Open official page

For My Account: http://www.tataindicom.com/myaccount.aspx

For Broadband: http://tataindicombroadband.in/MyAccount/MyInfo.do

For Docomo: http://www.tatadocomo.com/myaccount.aspx

For Tata Sky: https://www.mytatasky.com/

2. Enter User Name, Password, (Subscriber ID, Mobile number - if ask)

3. Press login button. 'Forgot my Password' link will help you to get new.

4. For any other login related problem, comment below. I will reply ASAP to resolve.

Tata Indicom login
Tata Indicom login page screenshot

Tata Indicom Broadband login
Tata Indicom Broadband login page screenshot

There are various departments which are the part of this company and they are imparting mane services as per their duties to their customers. It was noticed that the Tata Indicom was the first in the field of telecomm as they had launched the 3G services via the portal named TATA DOCOMO. With the advent of 3G services they had opened the new face of Internet onto the cellular mobile networks. Because of enhanced and upgraded features they had occupied 55% market in the field of private telecomm sector.

After the tremendous success in the technology of CDMA the company decided to transfer the extra services onto the GSM network so that they can bring many of the people into their network and by this way they can cover most of the market of communication field. Tata Indicom was successful enough to procure the 50% market of mobile fields and with the high speed Internet access they had provided many new features in the latest versions of mobiles and the tariff plans.

The company has erected as many as 18,000 towers to provide unparallel network toothier customers and also they had made the agreement with the International Communications authority that within next few decades they are going to revolutionized the aspects of newer and advanced technologies like wireless services, telecomm infrastructure management and handling, wireless desktop phones and other modern wired and wireless mobile services. The biggest asset handling sector of the company is TATA Indicom. They had gathered the wealth of about 70.8 billion US dollars with the establishment of these services.

The newer applications that are enhancing the technological aspects of previous services are TATA Photon and Photon+. They are imparting Internet access of about 3.1 Mbps with the devices and wireless networks. All the hi-fi and advanced mobiles are supporting every feature of the services provide by every panel of TATA. Now they are working in many sectors such as Tata photon, Tata walky, Enterprise services, virgin mobile, and Tata Docomo.

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