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With a broad sense of the vision to make the community healthier and fresh, Weight Watchers Company offers diet recipes, fitness, health care and weight loss programs. The Weight Watchers is just the provision of the health making services and conveying the different types of the dieting products and services to which has a vast vision to help the people to make weight loss and maintenance. The company roots were founded in the former of the 1963 by Brooklyn homemaker Jean Nidetch. And at present in the never ending service criteria, the company is operating with more about 30 countries around the planet.

WeightWatchers Homepage
Weight Watchers home page

Official website is weightwatchers.com, on where you can access your accounts, find a meeting, apply as a new customer and do much more. The products included consists them self with the company name which is the world's one of the chief most important provider of the services of weight management services. The Weight Watchers International Inc., which is operating globally through a network of Company - owned permission of the franchisee operations are gratifying their services in making of the healthier human being. The never lasting great approach of the vision is included to make the members with the technology available in losing weight by employing with the very helpful and effective food habits along with the smart eating and also in attainment of the more exercise and providing support.

Weight Watchers My Account Log in

1. Open official page: https://www.weightwatchers.com/util/login.aspx

2. Enter Username and Password

3. Select Blue coloured Log in button, you can also use your FB account.

4. Select 'I forgot my password' link, if you lost your password.

5. For any other login related difficulty, leave your valuable comment or contact/email customer care.

Weight Watchers Login
Weight Watchers login page

In the visionary revolutionary programmes of the Weight Watchers is always stated that no food is off limits. Though, yet, the launched practically as the newest plan in the service is of ‘taking a stand for unprocessed foods’. The broad sense of the programming includes it self with the major two paths by following which the customer get their shape as per their need. This inclusion consists of 1) live in person meetings and 2) an indirect online only program. The basic concepts of the use of the weight loss materials always are included in both the mentioned programmes.

In the concept of the person meetings, The customers are forever attracted by the professionals of the Weight Watchers to choose a goal about that need of the wealth and the weight age in those efforts results in a body mass index which is generally received to be as healthy (which include the 18 to 24.9). Though not employing this, the members are free to make their goal weight in the exterior digits of that range after proving to the company a medical practitioner note mentioning the concern to that effect. In the laws according to the people health care in the United States, the limit is made to provide the specified range to join Weight Watchers and that limit is consisted with the information that the users must weight them selves the minimum of the 5 pounds (as of 2.3 kg) more than the smallest amount of the weight for their height.

The major programming calculation consist the supplement digits of the points by creating the daily of the 1,000 calorie/day shortfall. This ensures that the users are made with the assignment with the daily point target in between the medium range of 29 - 71 PointsPlus to which they have to get through each day. Along in the similar way, the company as the Weight Watchers often comes with the many of the promotions which range from the free registration to the inexpensive fees which are made effective if paid in advance. The widespread network of the company services are spread over like the United States, Australia, Belgique, Brasil, Sverige, United Kingdom, Bahamas, Espana, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, South Africa, Israel, Mexico. Weight Watchers Online, eTools, Find a Meeting, Food & Recipes, Losing Weight Today!, and PointsPlus® Program are most popular pages on site.


  1. I am a WW member and cannot access the online members page. Everything I try takes me to a "join" page. Can somebody give me the correct way to get in to track, etc. Thanks much!

    1. I have asked for help with online WW with no response. I pay for a monthly pass, but can't access online WW to track etc.

    2. The same thing is happening with me also.



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