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Dating website, flirting, romance, chatting, and many other exclusive factors have become the prime requirement of today’s generation. In order to fulfill these conditions there are many sites and many social networking platforms available. One such social networking and online dating site is Zoosk.com. They are providing the youth of the country one platform at which all the youngsters can come closer to each other.

Zoosk logo
Zoosk.com logo

The founders of the Zoosk are Alex Mehr and Shayan Zadeh. The site was originally marketed and centered in San Francisco the grand city of California. The register statistics suggest that the company has registered 50 million users who are singles and who are in search of their partners. They are getting many profiles onto online dating Zoosk with which they can browse thorough and can get into the relation by dating and chatting with them.

Zoosk Sign in

1. Open official site: https://www.zoosk.com/login.php

2. Enter email address and password

3. Press ‘Log In’ button. You can also use your Facebook profile.

4. Select ‘Forgot password?’ link, if you lost it. For any other login related help, leave precious comment or email/contact Zoosk team.

5. Create new account: https://www.zoosk.com/signup/

Zoosk Login
Zoosk login page screenshot

They are having two types of account features. One in on payment basis pro account that is on the registered user based and the second is the Zoosk free account where the features and facilities provided are less than compared to pro accounts. On the registered account basis the singles are getting many features like seeing and inviting the other’s profiles by browsing them and also the company supports this kind of singles to make their life. For the free account only browsing feature is provided where we can see the profiles.

They are also supporting the third party social networking sites like FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace and many others. With this collaboration Zoosk dating site is gaining high amount of popularity among the young generation. The company is providing the services in 60 different countries and in about 20 different languages. With the premium account features the site also provides some type of gifts and surprises in virtual terms just to promote the growth of Zoosk.com. This site can be accessed through the latest and highly advanced mobiles and latest technology supporting desktops and laptops.

There are some of the tips and the features provided by the company. We should not reveal our every personal detail to the other singles who are strangers to us. We should not share the e-mail addresses and phone nos. to those whom we had met first time on the Zoosk platform. If we find that the opponent person is not relevant to carry on with further relation or dating sequence we should stop that relation at once. There are some of the tips for quick and fast dating and also to make the relation long way.

We should always meet in public places. Always we should go alone to the dating place and never should we take our friends to meet our partners. Never place the valuable things to the partners whom we had met first time. With all the above mentioned pros and cons dating site Zoosk aimed to cover the largest market of social networking sites and thereby helping the singles to find life partner.

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  1. Everytime I am trying to sign up with zoosk they take my email address and never send me a confirmation email account so I can't log in!! I run out of email addressed to give to them!! Got no idea why they're doing this to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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