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Web hosting is the podium through which the companies are creating and displaying their websites. Due to this kind of marketing plans and strategies they are trying to expand their growth in national as well as international markets. 1&1 is the kind of service where the hosting space is provided with the particular amount on the internet platform. They are offering domains, website builder, hosting, email hosting, servers, and ecommerce facilities. User can display their creativity and thereby can enhance their growth globally.

1and1 homepage
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1&1 Internet is one such web hosting provider which is the German based Internet Company which the largest among all the web hosting companies. The central office of this company is established at Philadelphia, a city of United States. As compared to other service providers this company offers many advantageous features like adequate space for keeping the track of data, providing with the opportunity to sell and but the products online from the medium of web hosting services. It covers the market of about 10 million customers.

1&1 Login

1. Open official webpage

For Control panel: https://www.1and1.com/login

For online office: https://online-office.1and1.com/

For MailXchange: https://mailxchange.1and1.com/ox6/ox.html

For webmail: https://webmailcluster.perfora.net/

2. Enter registered Email Address and password

3. Press login button. Select ‘Forgot Password’ help, if you lost your registered password

4. For any other login related helps, leave comment or contact/email 1and1.com customer care.

1and1 webmail
1and1 webmail login page screenshot
1and1 Control Panel
1and1 Control Panel login page screenshot

The motivational foot note of 1&1 Internet is “Providing the unparallel support to the users by the advanced technologies”. The areas of interest provided by this company include the following. DNS is stands for Domain Name Services for private domain registration. Web Hosting Services covers the market of Internet in United Kingdom and Germany. Server services are dedicatedly reserved for servers which include the advanced performance servers like Virtual Private Servers (VPS). Data Collection and maintenance centers which governs the task of organizing the user’s data in systematic order in which it is to be presented onto the web. The advanced applications like Mobile Computing which can be executed on any operating system and along with the Cloud Computing feature is also an upgraded application based Internet access.

There are many affiliation programs conducted by 1&1 web hosting company so that the willing users can join and make the money by the podium of web hosting services. The team of this company consists of 250 developers, more than 5000+ employees and the most remarkable matter is 30 GB connectivity at the end server. The company is well equipped with around 70,000+ different servers that are engaged in keeping and maintaining data of the users onto the website. There are about 11 million registered domains which add the glory to the endless success of 1and1.com. The company is also well versed with the various expertises that are well versed in their field and with whose talent and intellect the company is always striving for the never ending journey of great success.

Reliability along with security are the main pillars of this company on whose basis the customers are dependent on the services of web hosting services provided by the company. The extravaganzas that are the part of this company are DSL and ADSL devices based internet providing features. Latest technologies and constantly changing demanding are the considerable characteristics of 1&1 web hosting. Most popular pages on site are 1&1 Control Panel, Domain Names, Contact Information, Webmail 2.0, Business website needed?, and FAQs. You may also like: Rackspace.com, Posterous.com, EarthLink.net, Salesforce.com.

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