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So many people upload videos on the internet and too many people come out of their tight schedule to see these videos. Especially, a lot of people would enjoy even video categories is news, entertainment, movies, facts, health or whatever. People are now screwy behind the internet and this craziness has let invention many online video sharing services website like Dailymotion, YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe and etc.

Dailymotion homepage
Dailymotion homepage screenshot

Dailymotion.com is second best online video sharing site which is launched in March 2005, YouTube is first. It popularity increased when it got project from CANAL Network. Website has high earning revenue and a millions of visitors a day. Though it has been known worldwide and has large users, it is banned in some of the countries. Contextual and video ads are acceptable for publishing on homepage. DM Kids is special sub site developed only for children where they search different channels.

Dailymotion Login

1. Open official page http://www.dailymotion.com/login

2. Write Email ID and Password

3. Press Login button

4. 'Forgot your login info?' helps every user to get it back. You can create new account at dailymotion.com/register

5. Mobile Users open this page m.dailymotion.com. For any other login related help, leave comment or contact / email Dailymotion team. If you don’t want to create account, they offers user to use their FB accout.

Dailymotion login
Dailymotion login page screenshot

Dailymotion has luxury features for online videos among configuration server for High Definition. In additional provides superlative screen resolution, quality audio and speedy stream. To use these entire feature benefits, user should register and fairly internet speed so they can share, search and upload videos rapidly in their interested and favorite categories. Uploading birthday party, marriage ceremony, sports events and every video is possible in just one click. Best self-service aspect is that when you open site, it determine your state or country by detecting IP address automatically.

New visitor can search topics by search box and tags or by subscribing channels group. It has some limit, as per privacy and policy you can upload maximum 2 GB size length video with maximum 60 minutes duration. Two types user available on site among MotionMaker group and second Official User group. They has benefits like to modify their content and to keep private them from others unregister users. Facebook and twitter sharing option is available inside every video, just have to move mouse arrow on the video.

With the large competition in online market Dailymotion is trying to provide new ideas and creating new innovative things to make it a high. As day by there are improvements and new features are coming which are directly gives recovered option. Everyone want to perk up reputation well even Dailymotion too. It is also trying to add more features and facility for regular free users. We hope so to get further beneficial with facilities in future. After all, Dailymotion is a good video sharing and video hosting site after YouTube.

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