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Many people in the new city or a town face a problem of finding a home, jobs, cars, pets and other types of services to live in. Therefore, to avoid this situation faced by the people, Simon Crookall and Michael Pennington got an idea to develop such a classifieds site that helps to find any services and they developed Gumtree in March 2000. There are many free classified sites available on the web, but is popular.

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Gumtree has expanded over six countries namely UK, Ireland, Poland, Australia, NZ and SA. Until today, it has expanded its territory in over 60 cities with 34,000 new advertising each day and over 13.7 million visitors per month. In a short time, it came into the list of top twenty websites in the UK. kijiji - one of the eBay's groups purchased Gumtree in May 2005. During September 2004, Gumtree launched its new site in Warsaw, Poland, while in May 2005 it launched a site in Berlin, Germany. Login
  • Open official site - (make sure URL start with https://)
  • Enter registered email address, password and press orange coloured continue button.
  • 'Forgotten password?' link will help user, if they lost registered password.
  • To open new account, select 'No, I am new to Gumtree' option.
  • For any types of login related difficulty, leave comment or contact / email Gumtree support team.
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With the new features and more facilities in May 2010 Gumtree was re-launched and it launched its first television advertising campaign in August 2010. The website of Gumtree consists of the stories of different persons explaining how they used Gumtree to achieve their possessions in a bargain price. The stories also teach us as how to gain the control of the cupboards and can make some extra cash. It explains as how one can convert the one unwanted items into cash.  The first one says that one should not feel guilty for letting go the items. One should see the items with the manuals of the products.

One should make up a group of small items and sell it together. While selling the item one should take care that the items are polished and cleared. One should also do the research and find out, the importance of the item, how old the item is. It expanded in Italy which included Rome and Milan in June 2005. It has also spreaded its branch over New York, Boston and Chicago in August 2007.

Gumtree helps you preparing the home for a new arrival. It asks you to keep a collar and ID tag that includes the name, address and telephone number. Pet should be taken to the veterinary doctors for vaccination and regular checkups. Body parts of the pet should be kept clean, they should be provided with the healthy and balanced diet, they should be accommodated at a proper place; they should be made to exercise daily, and should be taken care of.

Gumtree also introduces with some TV stars. The personal interview with the stars helps the visitors to know about the personal life of the stars. Gumtree is on Facebook, twitter, Flickr and YouTube. You can easily sale laptop, bicycles, search flat on rent, house share and much more. Thus, with its enormous feature of tips to maintain the house, it took a place into the hearts of million. People of London, Edinburgh, Bristol, Manchester, and Belfast are most active according to research.

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