Social Network Foursquare Login is a location based social site that is completely developed to give facility to the mobile devices. A social network Foursquare, which was launched on March 11, 2009, founded by company CEO Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai. Headquarter is at New York, United States. The site is available in six different languages that are English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese. Company claims to have over 20 million users worldwide and over 3 million users check in everyday.

Foursquare homepage

Company has altogether more than 100 employees in New York and San Francisco. Investors of Foursquare include Union Square Ventures, O’Reilly Alpha Tech Ventures, Andreeseen Horowitz with addition of some more investors. Foursquare was released its version 2.0 in September 2010, 3.0 in March 8, 2011, and 4.0 October 12, 2011. For using services of Foursquare one should have a Smartphone that has GPS enabled. Login

1. Open official site: (Make sure URL start with https://)

2. Enter E-mail address or Phone Number, password and press LOG IN button.

3. If password lost, stolen or not remember, visit ‘Forgot your password?’ link to recover back.

4. New user can register account at or use their Facebook account to sing in. For any login related problems, leave comment or contact / email Foursquare support team.

Foursquare login

Users can check-in via mobile website, text messaging or a device-specific application, users can share their location and can collect points and virtual badges. Users can bookmark their favorite venues and can know about some tourist places or sightseeing places nearby places. To use the services one needs to sign up with the personal information you can find friends via the e-mail account that could be Facebook, Gmail, yahoo or twitter and after you sign in you are there to go with downloading of four square to your iPhone, Android, Blackberry, windows phone and many more.

At your home page you can know about the check-ins you had or the thing you had done. You can add tips and can add the places at to-do list where you want to visit. You can unlock the badges by following some brands like Lucky, gossip girl, Prople, InStyle and many more. It can be earned by checking into various venues and also can be earned in a particular city. Different types of badges that can be earned include Newbie, Adbenturer, Explorer, Superstar, Bender, Crunked, Local, Super User, Player Please, School earned and many more. You can also know the history of the place you visited.

There are many applications made available by Foursquare some of which include Highlights - to find the best place in any area, food square for android – you can know the popular place to have a lunch or dinner, Localicious - give you complete information about nearby locality that includes shopping, food etc., Attraction Seeker - to find the place of attraction that includes amusement park, zoos, botanical gardens etc., forecast - to make friends know where they are going with availability of many more tools. If ever you are struck on how to use, Foursquare is available with the help center. Also user can manage its profile information and can do the privacy settings. Foursquare on iPhone is a new feature in 4.0 version.

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