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Creativity enhances the natural essence of everyone’s life. They add the extra glory to the institute who constantly strives for success. They are providing the well developed platform for those individuals who are trying to develop their skills in artistic field.

One such creativity provider and holder rather we should say it as a developer is the Behance Network. It was founded and developed by Scott Belsky. They are having the many different vision statements like "You dream it and we make it", "You prepare it and we will describe it". They are the one who are spread in today’s generation of modernization. All the industries as well as the channels and the most important aspect which this site covers are multimedia technology. They are the online and corporate partners of many organizations. Since olden times there were many creators who were not getting the platform to show and develop their talents.

Behance Homepage
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They were totally directionless regarding their work and regarding their creativity. But then came the dawn in this field too where the creators and the artists were able to see their future. And this was how the birth of this platform took place. The portfolios created by the individuals were also uploaded onto this site where the users can make their creativity look even better than others. They created such a competitive platform for different users who are now standing on the same place against each other. Login

1. Open official site page:

2. Enter registered email id, password and press blue coloured login button.

3. If you have any login related problems, go on ‘Having trouble logging in?’

4. In addition to registered members, new ones can use their Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn profile.

5. Still facing some login troubles? Leave your comment or contact / email Behance Network team via contact page.

Behance login
Behance login page screenshot

The profiles created by the users on this site were displaying the art of creativity of the user. There are many sites which are served by this network and they are fashion based sites which depicts the art of clothes, industrial sites which depicts the face of processing technologies, photographic sites which are the heaven for developers, web design sites which are having its own importance in the internet world and web based services along with applications.

The success story of this site is based on the amount of content presented by the users. They are having only one driving motto in providing services to their customers and that is "1% Genius can prove it worth for 99% perspiration". The most served site of creativity for this network was MTV which is the world for the today’s youth generation and where the art and beauty along with creativity are forming the best part of this network. The professionals that are working behind this site are very well experts of their field because they know how to present that originality in the creative way such that the work of a user can be known to others from the margin of this podium.

There are many pros which supports the indigenous features of this site. The statistics suggests that there are around 30 million views of a page on this site per month which takes the creators to their destination in multinational companies for their further future. Also the site is well known in the community of high profiled companies and professionals. And finally this is the tributary place of talent, growth and opportunity and from this collaboration the individual can stand alone in the market.

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